Astrodidi Sphaik (Crystal) Shree Yantra (15-20 Gram)

Astrodidi Sphaik (Crystal) Shree Yantra (15-20 Gram)

: 3.5 cm

: 2.5 cm

: 20.00 (gm)

: ADPAD006

: White

: Astrodidi

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Shree Yantra is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful Yantra, which not only gives the maximum benefit, but also proves beneficial for almost everybody. It is the source of attaining all worldly desires & fulfilling all wishes through inner cosmic power & mental strength. "Shree Yantra" - Shree meaning wealth and Yantra -Meaning "Instrument" - The Instrument for Wealth. The Shree Yantra brings about material and spiritual wealth. Shree Yantra has that unexplained power to fulfil all our wishes and change our life for the better. Shree Yantra is definitely the answer to all the problems and negativity in our life. Any Person using Shree Yantra achieves much greater affluence, peace and harmony.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Width 2.5
Material Crystal