Astrodidi Vaijanti Mala / Vaijayanti Mala

Astrodidi Vaijanti Mala / Vaijayanti Mala

: 36 cm

: 36 cm

: 21.00 (gm)

: ADMAL004

: Blue & White

: Astrodidi

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Vaijanti Mala Vaijanti Mala is one such Mala that can be used to recite mantras and can also be worn by devotees. The Mala is Lord Krishna’s favorite Mala and thus is the best mala to recite jaaps and mantras to appease the Lord. Most favors from Lord Krishna can be attained by using this mala. Significance of Vaijanti Mala Vaijanti is the name of a place where Lord Krishna spent most of his childhood days. Vaijanti also refers to a tree. The work Vaijanti itself bring peace to your mind. The mala was personally worn by Lord Krishna and thus is considered quite auspicious and can be used for shanti karmas. Vaijanti Mala Effects Chanting mantras through Vaijanti Mala can bring peace and positivity in your life. As the mala is very close to Lord Krishna, anyone wearing the mala cannot deceive or mislead a person. It brings immense fame, prosperity, wealth and happiness to your life once you use this mala in your everyday life. Mantras that can be recited by using this mala All Krishna and Radha Jaaps and Mantras can be recited using this Mala; the most common being, “Om Krishnaya Namah”. Apart from this once can also recite, “Om Namo Bhagvatey Vasudevaya”, “Radhe Radhe”, using this mala.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Width 36
Material Wood