I belong to Garhwali Brahmin family and since my childhood days, I have great interest in astrology. I have completed my Ph.D in Vedic astrology from Calcutta after obtaining the Jyotish Acharya and Jyotish Rattan Degree. Ramal Card, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Palmistry, Mantra Therapy, Gem Therapy, Spiritual Therapy, Yantra Therapy and Rudraksha Therapy etc. are the other therapies and consultations that I practice. In the field of Horoscope (Kundli) reading, I have extensive experience of more than 10 years and am practicing Vedic Astrology. During this period, thousands of horoscopes have been analyzed by me and I have provided accurate remedies as well as predictions on several spheres of life such as Profession, Business, Job, Career, Marriage, Education, Love, Family, Children, Finance, Health, Foreign Traveling, Relationships and Married Life. As a science, I practiced the astrological readings and with logical explanations, I have offered explanatory advice to the clients. My approach is focused to help all my clients by providing accurate predictions so that they can understand the reason behind their problems. Also, to help them solve these problems, I provide solutions that are affordable as well simple. There are certain people who face problems arising from the karma of the previous birth and affecting their present life. In this condition, for the purpose of reducing the negative effects, I suggest them with simple and fitting solutions.

I have firm belief in the fact that a person can get positive effects in his life by selecting apposite numbers and dates, wearing the gemstones that are suitable for them, using the proper and apt colors and on suitable days, praying with the mantras that are appropriate for them. After proper examining the kundlis and horoscopes of the clients, I offer them with the solutions, directions and guidance that are appropriate for them. I believe that Astrologer is not God but a Guide who help the person to prepare in advance for the forthcoming problem and also suggest the practical remedies with the help of which the person could surpass the hardships.

I am offering astrological remedies and solutions to people since more than 10 years and number of people have benefitted from my advice. I have attraction towards activities related to astrology since the days of my childhood as I was born and brought up in the sacred environment. Since then, I have started taking more and more interest in astrological readings. With this knowledge, I have helped number of people to solve the problems of their life by providing them with practical solutions for the same.

I have expertise in offering reliable astrological remedies for several spheres of life including Job, Marriage, Business, Education, Family, Love, Finance, Career, Foreign travelling, Health etc. and offered number of people with reliable predictions for the same to that they can be aware of the forthcoming problems and avoid them with the help of appropriate remedies.

For any queries, you can book your appointment for online consultation or email the details of birth on or contact via facebook page "Astrologer Dr. Neha Bhatt" or on Phone at 09958396333.