Live Consultation

Live Consultation

There are own challenges and priorities in the life of each and every person and nowadays, no one has time. But people do have worries relevant to job, growth in career, further studies, finance, marriage, education and for the same, they seek for instant solution and advice. This is the reason why Live Consultation is the most sought after service in which people can get solutions to their queries by interacting with astrology experts in real time. One can get observant solutions to the questions in their lives that are most significant with the help of live astrology offered by Astrologer Dr. Neha Bhatt. Immediate answers are required whenever people face any difficult situation in life and live consultation proves to be extremely helpful in this case since it provides them with the expert advice to deal with the problem.

For all those who are seeking for immediate solutions for the curbing circumstances in life, the best interpreted and analyzed horoscope readings are provided by Astrodidi via live consultation on phone. However, there is its own advantage of having personal discussion with Astrologer Dr. Neha Bhatt:-

  1. You can describe the issue well while having online consultation with the astrologer and inform them in detail. Also, this gives the chance to get solutions for more than one issue by discussing it with the astrologer.
  2. Peace of mind is restored when one can get answers to the issues in their lives that are concerning them the most.
  3. Live Consultation also allows you to make the call with full confidentiality from the convenience of home or anywhere else.

These are the benefits that you can enjoy with service of Live Consultation. When you are able to have one to one interaction with the astrologer then it becomes very easy get deeper insights regarding all your concerns. One can inform the astrologer regarding his concern in detail and can also understand their message without any confusion in mind. Live consultation allows a person to set the consultation time as per their convenience that suits them the best. Reach us easily via phone and at the comfort and convenience of your home, get the astrological insights from expert astrologers.

How to book Live Chat Consultation with Astrodidi: Astrodidi provides you with the service of ordering the session that suits you and best fit your time preference. Once the preferred session is ordered, confirmation for appointment is provided by us. We would provide for an alternate time and check the same with you in case your favored timing is not available. In case when consultation is required for one person, the session of 30 minutes is recommended by us since for 2-3 questions, this time is usually sufficient subject to that counter queries that you may like to clear. So get your queries sorted by having one to one session with the Astrologer Dr. Neha Bhatt and that too without waiting much. Also, all the details you provide remain 100% secure so you can stay assured that your privacy is maintained.

To book telephonic appointment with Astrologer Dr. Neha Bhatt regarding any Query related to your Kundli, please fill below mention details and order this service.

Charges 649/-

The Telephonic Consultation slot is only for half an hour (30 minutes) and only for one horoscope. You can call at mutually convenient time

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