Palmistry is the study of palm to analyze, characterize and foretelling the future. It is also termed as Chiromancy or Chirology. People who have the ability to read the information gathered on palm are known as Palm readers, palmists, hand readers, hand analysts or chirologists. The Palm readers indulge in the activity of foretelling the future by just reading the lines and figures on the hand of the visitor. At Astrodidi, the professional palmists are there to answer all your queries with years of experience in this field.

Why palmistry is important?
India is the origin of palm reading. With the passage of time this knowledge of foretelling future by reading the hands passed on to other countries such as Arab, Greek, Egypt and China. Then each country developed its own unique method of Palm Reading. When you go to the expert palmists, they read the information on your left and right hand, analyze it and then foretell the upcoming events in your life. It is scientifically declared that the left part of the brain has control on the right part of our body and the right part of the brain has control on the left part of the body. Since the right part of brain is more artistic and creative, it is said to be womanly where as the left part of the brain is more academic and logical and hence considered as more macho.

The hand study of a person is based on the fact that the person is lefty or righty. If he uses left hand a lot then the palmist read his left hand and if he does maximum of his work with right hand then palmist read his right hand. It is said that our left hand has been designed by the God and the right hand is the designed by our own Karma and deeds. Each hand symbolizes a part of intellectual attenuation. There are infinite lines on each hand but palmist mainly read three or six major lines sincerely. The three major lines are life line, the head line and the heart line. The six major lines which are considered by palmists while reading the hands are fate line, marriage line, money line along with the three major lines.

It is true fact that palm lines are changing constantly. Depending upon the time and situation these marking on hands appear and disappear. So, one must take consultation from the expert palmists at Astrodidi at regular interval of time so as to remain updated about his future proceedings. When it comes to the hand reading, then for the right handed people, left hand shows their character traits destiny and personality they are born with. Their right-hand shape and lines show’s the direction one life has taken. For the left handed people it is vice-versa.

Hence, we can conclude by saying that Palm Reading is very ancient and unique way to determine one’s future by simply reading and analyzing his/her hand in detail such as lines and thickness, fingernails, shape etc. With the help of palmistry, experienced astrologers can provide the tips and advice following which a person can get success in life.

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