Astrodidi Gomti Chakra Locket

Astrodidi Gomti Chakra Locket

: 2 cm

: 1.5 cm

: 3.00 (gm)

: ADYAK005

: White

: Astrodidi

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Gomti Chakra removes Vastu Dosh. Gomti Chakras are buried in the foundation of the building to bless the residents with long life and prosperity and negate the evil effect of vastu dosha caused in SE direction. Gomti Chakra appeases Godddess Lakshmi. Gomti Chakras are wrapped in red cloth and kept in lockers or cash box to ensure the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi - the goddess of Wealth. It is believed that those people who possess Gomti Chakra will be blessed with money, good health and prosperity. It is also believed to protect children.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Width 1.5
Material Natural Stone